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Your competitors will wonder how you're getting so many reviews

Zoom Popcard Google Reviews (new design)
Zoom Popcard Google Reviews (new design)
Zoom Popcard Google Reviews (new design)
Zoom Popcard Google Reviews (new design)

Popcard Google Reviews (new design)

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With Popcard, 94% of customers leave a review


Collect reviews in just 3 seconds

Solid Reputation

Improve the online reputation of your establishment

Positive Reviews

Boost your positive reviews rapidly

More Customers

Increase your revenue

How does it work?

Step 1: Present the Popcard to your customer.

Customer TAPS the Popcard (NFC technology) or scan the QR CODE

Step 2: Your customer will instantly be directed to your feedback form page

Your customer leaves you a Fantastic Review in less than 3 seconds

Step 3: RANK!

More Reviews = Higher Ranking


 How many reviews can I collect with Popcard?      

Popcard is not limited on the number of reviews you can collect.

So the answer is: Infinite number of reviews!

What is the validity period of Popcard ?

Once you get your Popcard it is valid for life!

Can I change the link on my Popcard?

Yes, it is possible. Simply contact our customer service, and they will change the link remotely

My customers need a Google account to write a review?

To evaluate your business, customers need to have a Google account.

Most smartphone users have a Google account through YouTube, Gmail, or Google Maps. In fact, 93% of people with a smartphone have a Google account.

Are the Popcard compatible with all smartphones?

YES, 90% of smartphones in circulation have NFC technology, and 100% of smartphones in circulation can scan QR codes.

How long will it take to receive my order ?

Your order will be delivered within 7 days.


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